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Vend - Retail EPOSSoftwareand POS System software partnered with Outserve

We are an official Vend Partner

Outserve is a Vend Partner, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to your Vend integration. Using a Vend Expert such as ourselves can help you break free from the counter, stockroom or office. Vend is cloud-based POS software, so you can literally work from anywhere. Easily access your sales, products and reports, and always have the latest data. And if the internet goes down, Vend will still trade offline. The team at Outserve also provide support for all those ‘How Do I?’ questions you might have. We make it easy to extend the power of Vend.

Vend experts

With the help of our Vend experts, you can access product and inventory features, with powerful reporting insights help you make smarter, more profitable decisions, whether you have one store or twenty. You can take the pain out of growing your retail business. Vend is fast and inexpensive to scale, so you can get set up and selling in no time – and add new staff, registers, sales channels and locations in just one click.

Integrate Vend with Xero and Unleashed

Get the comprehensive solution, using Vend, to run your stores – with point-of-sale, product and advanced inventory management, customer management, and reporting that gives actionable insights. Integrate your store with Xero to keep your accounts up to date with real-time order updates and generate invoices with one click and integrate with Unleashed for stock and inventory management.

Outserve is an official Vend partner

Partnering with Vend allows us to offer the complete integrated ecommerce solution for scaling businesses. For more information on our Vend services contact us

Vend services:
- Integration
- Implementation
- Training
- Reporting
- Support

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