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Accounting for ecommerce simplified

Ecommerce accounting can be complicated and time consuming. A2X analyses your ecommerce transactions directly from your platforms to save you the time and effort dealing with complex reconciliations. Accounting can be complex and challenging for one company on one platform in one country but it can be a full time job for multi companies, multi-platforms and multi-region ecommerce .

Match payouts directly to bank Feeds and automatically post all accounting transactions

Save time by matching transactions directly to the bank feed (of Xero or Quickbooks). A2X will split out fees, shipping, refunds, gift cards and taxes directly from the source platform saving you the time that would have been spent doing this manually.

Multi-platform and multi region for international ecommerce

A2X can analyse payouts from Shopify, Amazon, eBay and Etsy saving time across multiple platforms. If you are working internationally in different regions, A2X can help post all of the payouts from your different sites.

Get a partner who understands all your main platforms

With vast experience in A2X and all of it’s integrations, Outserve can help your business get implemented successfully first time - saving you the time to learn a whole host of new systems For more information on our A2X services contact us

A2X Services:
- Integration
- Implementation
- Training
- Support

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